Paulina - General Manager

I joined Patisserie Valerie in 2012 where I started as a Team Member, I became a General Manager in 2016.

What I like about the brand is of course the delicious cakes which I can get 50% discount, but honestly my career and the opportunities which this Brand can provide!

From the very beginning they have caught all talented and very motivated people and gave them a chance to build up a personal career.

Now, with new management and new owners it is even more realistic! We can learn lots of new financial subjects, new management skills, which are improving our work as a General Managers.

My ambitions are set up to a high standard so whatever I can take for myself I enjoy fully.

We now have Flow training which is an amazing system: I can learn in my free time and there is so many interesting modules which every General Manager and team members should know to be proud of the Company they are working for.

In person I like to have more challenging tasks, I love to work with people (my team now contains 16 employees) and I like to drive and motivate them in a positive way.

Always happy to help and make all what is possible at the particular time.

Always recognising new talents in my team and I promoted my First Barista and First Front of House Manager with new procedures which I was well rewarded for!

In addition these words are giving me more energy every day:

“If your actions inspire the others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a Leader” John Quincy Adam.

Best Regards