Molly Holmes - Social Media Manager

My name is Molly Holmes and I have been working for Patisserie Valerie for the last 4 years. My journey began when I visited PV for 2 weeks' worth of work experience in the Marketing Department supporting the team and the marketing director with various projects. After I completed my work experience I was offered a full time job as a marketing assistant which of course I accepted and was so excited to kick start my career by representing an amazing brand. Since then I have worked in various marketing positions and worked my way up the ladder to become the social media manager.

My love for the brand stems back to my first visit to the bakery in Birmingham. It was so amazing to see the passionate staff creating beautiful cakes and patisserie by hand and taking such pride in their work - It was at this point I knew I wanted to be a part of Patisserie Valerie.

My mission on social media is to engage with our customers, showcase the amazing products we offer and tell customers our brand story. We have some very loyal customers who follow us across our social platforms and it is great hearing from each and every one of them on a daily basis.

I enjoy working within an open office with such a lovely team of people. It's been rewarding to watch the company grow over the 4 years I have been here and I am excited for the future of Patisserie Valerie - I'm so happy to be able to be a part of it.